August/September … the months all parents slowly start preparing for their children’s return to school. Books, uniforms, stationery, school shoes, school bags, lunch boxes, extra curricular activities, transport …. so much to think of! Put your mind at rest when it comes to all your kids’ footwear needs. Gallarija Darmanin and Teamsport are here to assist you when it comes to school shoes, school bags and water bottles.

Looking for school shoes? Look no further! TITANITOS are the shoes that will last you a whole scholastic year and more!

Comfort, especially in shoes, is one of the most important elements for an enjoyable scholastic year and Titanitos is here to give you the best in school shoes. Our best selling school shoes are made with the care, quality and attention that your little one deserves. Meanwhile, you parents can relax knowing that your child is wearing a durable, high quality school shoe that is easy to wash (just put it in the washing machine!), durable, made in real leather using the best materials and technology. Those who have bought Titanitos in the past always come back, year after year.

How to clean your child’s Titanitos?

1. Remove the insole

2. Close the velcro fasteners well and do not mix with different colours.

3. Select cold wash.

4. Use detergent for coloured or white garments, according to the model. Do not use bleach.

5. Dry your shoes in the shade.

At Titanitos they keep both the needs of school children and parents in mind. Thanks to their research and development department they make school shoes that can be washed directly by hand or in the washing machine in a simple and practical way. Remember that keeping your child’s school uniform clean has never been so important! Thanks to its specially designed skin, Titanitos shoes will allow you to wash them as many times as you want without losing their main characteristics, facilitating as well the hygiene of your child’s foot and gets your shoes looking like new each and every time you wash them. We have tried and tested them ourselves year after year on our children and we can assure you, you will only need to change them when their feet outgrow them.

Worried about its quality and durability? These washable school shoes are manufactured in Spain, following the European quality and safety controls that guarantee a durable shoe adapted to all children. The guarantee “Made in Spain” offers you a flexible and resistant school footwear.

Titanitos are available from Gallarija Darmanin Iklin and Centerparc in models for both boys and girls in black, blue and brown. Prices start from Euro 49.90. In order to view the full range visit our Gallarija Darmanin facebook page.



Many schools are now opting for white or black sports shoes instead of the classic blue, black and brown school shoe. Teamsport remains one of the top supplier of children’s sports shoes with various brands available. Our Nike and Adidas back to school sports shoes are available from both our Iklin and Birkirkara outlets. For the full range of school shoes, visit our Teamsport facebook page.